Tourism in Les 2 Alpes

Ski lovers - you are at the right place: the ski area of Les 2 Alpes covers 410 hectares of groomed ski area, with a vertical drop from 1,300 m to 3,600 m. One thing that makes the slopes in Les 2 Alpes so special is that the higher you go, the easier the slopes become for beginners, offering them a chance to start skiing on a glacier for the very first time! You will find a total of 89 slopes in different sectors: Mont de Lans village (1300m), Vallée Blanche (2100M), Les Crêtes (2100M), le Diable (2400M), la Fée (2600M) and the high peaks from 2900 to 3600 meters.

For hiking enthusiasts: the Écrins natural park - which includes the resort of Les 2 Alpes - is a sublime place with more than 740 km of hiking trails, varying from short family hikes to multi-week treks. Here you can admire a rich and protected fauna and flora: chamois, ibex, wolves, golden eagles, bearded vultures, griffon vultures, owls, rock ptarmigans, ermines, mountain hares, marmots, and no less than 2,500 plant species. So it' s time to buy a pair of binoculars!

For those who don't feel like skiing or hiking, the Aacqua Center is the place to go for a relaxing break. The centre offers a wide range of activities: sensory area, sport, relaxation, spa, beauty, health and slimming. It is up to you to plan your day by choosing from a variety of options. The resort also offers non-skiers many other activities, summer and winter: hang-gliding, dancing, yoga, orienteering race, ice diving, hot-air ballooning... Whatever your preferences, your will spend an unforgettable holiday in Les 2 Alpes!